Jessica  Aaron
Jessica Aaron photo
Jessica Deep-Sea Fishing
Deep-Sea Fishing
Jessica with Grandma and Papa
With Grandma and Papa
Jessica, store manager, had worked in retail for 10 years, seven of which had been in management, before joining the staff here September 2, 2014.

Jessica Is currently enrolled in online courses through International School of Gemology and was recently awarded a scholarship for online courses through Diamond Council of America, from the prestigious 24 Karat Club Southeastern United States.  She completed hands-on classes in October 2015 at Stuller, Inc. in LaFayette, LA, for CounterSketch_CUSTOM DESIGN TECHNOLOGY, the leading CAD software on the market today.

Jessica enjoys traveling, hunting and fishing with her dad and brother.  She is a Georgia Bulldog fan and enjoys attending community events and volunteering in various capacities.

She is genuine in her friendly approach and follow-up with customers and has a love for family and friends beyond measure.

Mark Butler
Mark Butler
Mark With Super Bowl Champion, Fred Stokes
In The Shop With Dad
Mark, sales associate, represents the third generation in the family business. He is the son of Earl and Kathy and the grandson of Alby and Glenrose Gay, founders of the company.  Mark joined the business October 6, 2015.
Mark's retail experience began when he was in elementary school.  He would sell all of his sister's wrapping paper, chocolate bars and fruit along with all of his own for their school fundraising projects.

His professional retail experience began in Birmingham, AL selling high-end home furnishings at Restoration Hardware. He then became the office manager at E. Michaels Marketing and later served as a sales representative for Insignia Auto Body Parts.
Mark enjoys golfing, reading biographies and all Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern sporting events.  In the jewelry industry watches hold a fascination and interest for him.
His future goal is to become owner and continue the staff practice of offering exemplary customer service and quality diamonds and fine jewelry to our community for another 60 years and beyond.

Isaiah Gibson
Isaiah Gibson working at the laser welder.
Isaiah Working at Laser Welder
Isaiah Gibson speaking to Vidalia Kiwanis Club
Isaiah Speaking to Vidalia Rotary Club
Isaiah came to be at K E Butler Jewelers after a phone call to Earl in the fall of 2016 from Donna Collins, head of the Work Study Program at Vidalia High School. Isaiah was then involved in his third year of varsity football and had expressed to Mrs Collins his interest in becoming a bench jeweler.  In her conversation with Earl she asked if he would want to mentor a young man from VHS in his jeweler's craft?  Isaiah began, on a trial basis, regular after school visits in early April.  After realizing his aptitude and competence Earl hired Isaiah in May and began teaching him techniques used in repairing jewelry.  He is developing his skills using the laser welder, gas torch, designing in CAD and working at the watch bench.
Isaiah is a 2017 graduate of VHS and is a football fan of Georgia Southern University.  He enjoys fishing, traveling and interacting with customers.  Isaiah plans to enroll at Southeastern Technical College in the fall of 2017.  He wants to pursue owning his own shop in the future.

Kathy & Earl Butler
Merry Christmas 2015
Cruising the Carribean 1997
Earl and Kathy, two former teachers were encouraged by Kathy's dad to join the business he had begun in 1955.  After teaching at VHS for one year, Earl was convinced and came on board with her parents in June, 1977.  Kathy took a little more time to convince.  Several years after their two children started school, she joined the others in 1988  and the rest is history.

Early on "We Celebrate Love" became their mantra in the delightful retail jewelry business. However, not all the years were rosy as is typical in retail. There have been a few robberies and slim times over the years but the joy and happiness seen in the eyes of many a bride and groom has more than made up for the negatives.  Being involved in the jewelry industry has allowed many experiences for travel both in the states and abroad, giving the two of them a great appreciation for people and their cultures.

They would each derive a great deal of pleasure should Mark and Jessica choose to carry on the business while seeking to continue the gentle love and care they give to each valuable person who passes through the doors of K E Butler & Co Jewelers.
Taking Care of Business in the Antwerp Diamond District
Just a few diamonds from which to choose.
Earl chose a 2.10 ct for a specific client.
Earl is pictured with Gabrielle Tolkowsky in the Antwerp Diamond District.  "Gabi" is one of the world's most renowned diamond cutters, the sixth generation of the Tolkowsky family to make his name in the trade.  He is the great nephew of Marcel Tolkowsky, the father of the modern round brilliant diamond cut.
Kathy is showing off a 4 ct marquise diamond.
Examining 4,000 ct rough diamonds with the supplier.
Earl is holding a 2 ct round diamond selected for a specific client.
Kathy is examining a 10 ct rough (macle) diamond.